Fire Department

After the Village of Owego was plagued by numerous fires the local fire companies were incorporated by act of the State Legislature in April, 1862, as "The Fire Department of the Village of Owego".

The department is comprised of five previously existing fire companies in the Village: Susquehanna Hose Co. #1, Wave Hose Co. #2, Croton Hose Co. #3, Hiawatha Engine Co. #4, and Ahwaga Ladder Co. #5. Each company has its own company room in one of our four fire stations and is responsible for their assigned fire apparatus. Our stations include the historic Central Station and the new Station #2 located on North Avenue, Station #3 on the “Flats” area of the Village, and Station #4 on the Village’s “Southside”.

Over 300 members comprise our department in several capacities including fire services, water rescue, fire police, and emergency support services. We encourage any person who lives or works in our fire coverage area to join us and become a part of the Owego Fire Department family. We appreciate and welcome our community's support. For More information see

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Morris Fire Chief (607) 221-5229
Charles Olmstead Asst. Chief (607) 372-4410
Daniel Gavin 2nd Asst. Fire Chief (607) 972-9384
Andy Churchman Deputy Chief (607)-727-9652