Gas Line Replacement Temple, Paige, East Temple

Update ----------------------------------------

Update on the NYSEG project on temple, paige, and east temple :

Projected completion is November 15th

They will be working generally 7am to 5pm

Gas service should only be affected on an as needed basis as houses are switched from the old to the new, no outages more than a few hours are expected. They will also make sure all your appliances/ furnace etc come safely back online.

Traffic and parking - they are attempting to allow this to be as normal as possible but it will be affected. The longest duration will be on east temple st. I will update as I know more.

Communication - NYSEG was supposed to send letters to all affected residents, I have talked to them and they dropped the ball that didnt happen. Residents should get that letter soon. They have also corrected thier process.

Please pass the word on.

Mike Baratta


Dear Residents,


I am writing to inform you that I have just learned that NYSEG will be replacing the gas main on the upper end of Temple St., through the intersection of Paige St. and Temple St. and the entire length of East Temple St.

This communication was very late with little to no details, I will be working to get more information and make this process smoother in the future.

There will be the need for street closures in these affected areas which will affect traffic and parking. I have been told these will mostly be during the day while the work is being preformed much like what happened on Church St. and Main St.

The contractor doing the work informed me there should not be any interruption in service (natural gas) besides very minimally when the new mains are connected.

The project is expected to last through the month of October into November.

As I find out more information and specifics I will keep you informed. Always feel free to call / text or email me. I also will post updates on the village of Owego webpage ( under the village news section.


Michael Baratta III

Mayor - Village of Owego