Cemetery Repairs
We are in the process of repairing the retaining walls in Evergreen Cemetery.  

Sewer Plant Repairs
We are in the process of repairing our sewer plant.

DPW Building
We are in the process of moving our DPW building out of the flood plain to high ground within the Village.

The Village of Owego is the county seat of Tioga County NY, with a population of about 3,700. Established in 1787, it is one of only twelve villages in New York that is still incorporated under a charter.

In the 1830’s the second railroad to be chartered in New York State was built between Owego and Ithaca. This railroad provided a route via Cayuga Lake from the Erie Canal to the Susquehanna and points south. When the Erie Railroad pushed its way through the Southern Tier joining New York and Buffalo via Owego during the 1840s, the village enjoyed further growth.

The Village has been home to many notable people over the years including; Lt. Ben Loring, J.Alden Loring, T.C. Platt, Belva Lockwood, Margaret Hastings, Raphael Pumpelly, Isaac S. Catlin, Benjamin Tracy, Richard Stout, Henry Martyn Robert, John D. Rockefeller and Washington Gladden to name a few.  More

Local Law No. 4 of 2015 - Public Nuisance Abatement

Village of Owego Charter and Code 

Updated July 28th, 2009

The Village of Owego has, over the years, passed through a process of legislative change common to many American communities. While only a few simple laws were necessary at the time of the establishment of the village, subsequent growth of the community, together with the complexity of modern life, has created the need for new and more detailed legislation for the proper function and government of the village. 

The recording of local law is an aspect of municipal history, and as the community develops and changes, review and revision of old laws and consideration of new laws, in the light of current trends, must keep pace. The orderly collection of these records is an important step in this ever-continuing process. Legislation must be more than mere chronological enactments reposing in the pages of old records. It must be available and logically arranged for convenient use and must be kept up-to-date. It was with thoughts such as these in mind that the Board of Trustees ordered the codification of the village's legislation.

Building Code (Uniform Code) of New York State

New York State Building Codes Available from the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) by phone at: (800) 284-4406 or at their website.